Be a Volunteer

Are you an individual looking for volunteering opportunities? Or a CSR representative of a company, looking for meaningful activities for your department? Here is where you can volunteer with us or champion our cause!


To find out how we can partner with you, please contact Kelda Chua at 6950 7504 or via email at


Check out the volunteering opportunities available for you!

CareKids volunteers are essential in aiding staff to create a safe, supportive environment for children to explore and grow freely. They play a pivotal role in nurturing young minds, empowering them to embrace their curiosities within a secure learning space. 

Academic Mentor 

 –To coach and support children (7 – 12 years old) in their assigned work for English and/or Mathematics during the C.A.R.E.tapult Learning Support Programme. Work will be assigned and planned out by CareKids. Materials and choice of book(s) to work on will also be provided to children. 


-To facilitate and conduct educational games / activities during the exploratory “play” time to strengthen concepts and basic reading and math skills. 


 Activity Facilitator 

-To plan / propose engaging activities and facilitate the sessions to meaningfully engage children under Special Projects (eg. Children’s Day Celebration, Sports Day, Family Day, interest group like sports / art and craft sessions / dance etc.] and during School Holidays [March, June, September, December] 


Resource Personnel 

To help with: 

  • Creation of resources, worksheets and/or manipulatives for the C.A.R.E.tapult Learning Support Programme, Special Projects and/or Holiday Programme 
  • Creation of videos for Special Projects/Events   


Specific Qualifications/Behavioural Competencies (if any) 

For C.A.R.E.tapult Learning Support Programme: 

-Keen interest and love to teach/coach children in the subject matter for English and/or Math 

-Do indicate your preference on the subject matter you would like to coach the children  

*However, any qualifications or added skills are an advantage (e.g., certified exercise trainers/arts and crafts, etc.)  


Time Commitment/Location 

Once a week | 3 months 

MacPherson Community Centre 


For both English and Math Session 

Report at 3.45pm  

(Session starts from 4.00pm – 6.00pm) 

Volunteer mentors at d’Klub play an essential role in facilitating social interactions among d’Klub children. Through their positive influence, these mentors become valuable role models, contributing to the overall well-being and development of the children. 



Volunteer Mentor 

-Volunteer mentors are assigned to children (age 9-12 years) to provide guidance through academic support and befriend the child through weekly interaction at the centre. 

 -To facilitate character building lessons or fun activities in teams. 


Specific Qualifications/Behavioural Competencies (if any) 
-Keen interest and passion in working with children  


Time Commitment/Location


Once a week, every Saturday | 6 months 


CCSS HQ Office (Lavender) 


d’Klub@Stirling View 
Queenstown Stirling View Zone RC 


d’Klub@Nee Soon 
Nee Soon East CC 


d’Klub@East Canberra 
East Canberra Zone 1 RN 


d’Klub@Cheng San 
Cheng San CC (Temp Site)


d’Klub@Choa Chu Kang
Brickland Pride-Crest RN



d’Klub@CarePoint: 9.30am-11.45am

d’Klub@Stirling View: 9.30am-11.45am

d’Klub@Nee Soon: 9.30am-11.45am

d’Klub@East Canberra: 3:00pm-5:15pm

d’Klub@Cheng San: 3:00pm-5:15pm

d’Klub@Choa Chu Kang: 2.00pm-4.15pm

SWISH Youth volunteer mentors provide youths with meaningful engagement and empowering them with a sense of purpose to help them reach their fullest potential and contribute back to the community. 
 Volunteer Mentor 

-Ensure safety of youths during basketball training. 

-Participating alongside youths in basketball training to demonstrate the correct execution of drills. 

-Mentoring and coaching the youths how to play organized 3-on-3 basketball. 

-Serve as a positive role model for youths. 

-Assisting youths in event planning. 

– Facilitate meaningful conversations during 30-minute small group sessions with the youths. 


Specific Qualifications/Behavioural Competencies (if any)

-Have a clear understanding of playing the game of basketball 

-Able to participate in training with the youths (layup, passing, shooting, basic dribbling, etc) 

-Is passionate to engage and communicate with youths 


Time Commitment/Location

Once a week, every Saturday | 6 months 


Indoor Basketball Court 
MacPherson Community Centre 


2.00pm – 4.30pm 


 CareElderly volunteers play a vital role in ensuring our seniors age well within the community. By introducing and providing essential services, particularly for those staying alone and at risk of social isolation, volunteers are instrumental in creating a supportive and enriching environment for our elderly community members. 


-Outreach, Home Visits, Errands/Escorts 

Centre Operations 

-Programme Support, Events Celebrations, Outings 

 Special Projects 

-In-Centre Facilitation, Coming up with various activity programmes for the seniors (e.g., creating interest groups for art & craft, music, cooking) 


Specific Qualifications/Behavioural Competencies (if any) 

-NIL for general volunteers  

*However, any qualifications or added skills are an advantage (e.g., certified exercise trainers/arts and crafts, etc.) to facilitate programmes. 


Time Commitment/Location


Once a week | 3 months (flexible depending on agreement with centre staff) 


Blk 35 Circuit Road 
Singapore 370035 

CareElderly@Golden Ginger 
Blk 149A Serangoon North Ave 1 
Singapore 551149 

Timings (dependent on type of volunteer role): 

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday | 9:00am – 11.30am or 2pm – 5pm 

Wednesday | 2:00pm – 5pm, 7:00pm – 9:00pm 

Saturday | 9:00am – 12:30pm 

CareLibrary volunteers play a crucial role in supporting CareLibrary staff. By actively engaging and participating in physical exercises or games activities, volunteers contribute to a vibrant and supportive environment for clients with mild to moderate dementia. 

Program Support 

-Volunteers to assist and encourage CareLibrary clients during CareLibrary’s centre programmes. 

-Befriend clients and engage them through cognitive activities, be a listening ear and a friend to them. 

Interactive Facilitator 

-Skill-based volunteers to facilitate a segment during CareLibrary’s centre programme. e.g., music, singing, playing any musical instruments and games. 


Specific Qualifications/Behavioural Competencies (if any)

-Any qualifications or added skills are an advantage (e.g., play guitar, piano, simple dance/movement exercises, etc.) 

-Some experience in simple Range of Motion exercises 
-Good communication skills  
-Ability to speak in other languages/dialects are an advantage  

*However, any qualifications or added skills are an advantage (e.g., certified exercise trainers/arts and crafts, etc.) to facilitate programmes. 


Time Commitment/Location


1-2x Weekly | 3 months 

*Ad-hoc opportunities available 



103 Lavender Street 
Singapore 338725 


Mandarin Sessions: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursday, Friday| 9.15am – 12.30pm  

English Sessions: Mondays – Fridays | 1.45pm – 5.00pm