Person-centred cognitive curriculum developed for persons with dementia.


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Receiving a dementia diagnosis is a life
changing event.

While overwhelmed with uncertainty on the potential challenges to come, it is

crucial to seek early intervention. At CareLibrary, we shred away stigma and

promote cognitive wellness.


CareLibrary is a cognitive wellness programme methodologically designed for

seniors with or at risk of cognitive impairment.


We believe every senior should be inspired to live an empowered and

purposeful life.


With more than 50 types of cognitive activities for brain stimulation, we focus

on strategically targeting specific cognitive domains to maintain the abilities

of persons with dementia.


Every session is conducted in a vibrant and safe environment by our team of

trained dementia care staff through a person-centred approach.

Our Objectives

  • Improve cognitive and physical wellness of persons with dementia
  • Maintain functional skills to perform daily activities
  • Provide enriching social interactions for enhanced well-being
  • Foster a heightened sense of purpose towards living
  • Support caregivers by reducing and managing challenging behaviour in dementia

Our Curriculum

Our Activities

Brain gym exercises

Diverse range of cognitive
enriching games

Therapeutic music engagement
to elicit memories

Multi-sensory physical activities

Who Should Attend

Senior adults with or at risk of cognitive impairment.

Admission Criteria

Assessment of eligibility through phone triage.

Session Timings

*centre-based CareLibrary sessions

English Sessions

Monday to Friday
2:00pm – 5:00pm

Mandarin Sessions

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
9:30am – 12:30pm

Caregiver Support

CareLibrary believes in supporting our caregivers through imparting them with the knowledge on dementia coping strategies that will enhance their caregiving journey.


We conduct virtual chat sessions for our caregivers to build a close-knit community of mutual support and intimate sharing.


Providing respite for our caregivers is essential to us. CareLibrary has a designated

Caregiver Support Corner where caregivers can rest or browse through our dementia care resources while your loved one is attending a CareLibrary session.

Virtual Services

Hour-long e-engagement sessions are available for seniors who thrive better in the confines of their home.


Depending on your loved one’s needs, CareLibrary provides different kinds of online engagements for seniors with dementia.


Physical Wellness Virtual Engagement


The physical wellness engagement incorporates exercises with therapeutic music to enhance physical fitness, hand-eye coordination and mental reflexes. Participants are also challenged with mentally stimulating movements to improve focus and attention span.


You may opt between a one to one session for undivided attention between our dementia care staff and your loved or a smaller group of four that will emulate the close, familiar setting of a physical class.


Cognitive Stimulation Virtual Engagement


The cognitive stimulation engagement incorporates a series of interactive activities from our specialised curriculum. It is designed with the aim of slowing down the mental decline of dementia in your loved one through exercises that stimulate specific domains of the brain.


Each session is conducted one-to-one to ensure your loved one is provided an individualised programme and person-centred care.


Nurturing Atmosphere
for Social Wellness

“CareLibrary is warm in everything they do. It’s impossible not to feel their love the moment you walk through the door.

Attending CareLibrary has given my mother a more positive outlook on life. She even began to sing at home, something I have never heard her do.”

Robert Tso

Son of CareLibrary participant

Stimulating Cognitive Curriculum

“I noticed marked improvement in my husband’s attention span after just three months of attending CareLibrary.

The curriculum helps coordinate my husband’s senses of sight, hearing and vocalising.

My husband looks forward to CareLibrary’s singing sessions the most, as they bring back pleasant memories and he enjoys singing.”

Irene Chua

Wife of CareLibrary participant

Dedicated Person-centred Care

“I attended the first session with my mother and experienced first-hand the care that CareLibrary staff show to the participants.

Though my mother is an introvert, she looks forward to her sessions every week and enjoys her interactions at CareLibrary.”

LY Han

Daughter of CareLibrary participant



103 Lavender Street
Singapore 338725
Director of Program: Ms Han Huey Charn
Contact: +65 6950 7500