Keeping senior adults with dementia integrated within their communities.


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CareLibrary provides person-centered care for senior adults with/is at risk of cognitive impairment through non-pharmacological methods. In a vibrant, safe and supportive environment, our trained dementia care staff strives to maintain cognitive wellness and slow down cognitive decline of our clients through multi- sensory stimulating activities, with the aim of retaining their functional abilities and social engagement within the community.


“CareLibrary staff were so pleasant and caring with my mother during our first visit, that she was prepared to attend further sessions even though she is an introvert who usually avoids unfamiliar social environments. She looks forward to her sessions every week, and enjoys her interactions with her peers and CareLibrary staff.”

LY Han

Daughter of CareLibrary participant

“My husband looks forward to CareLibrary’s singing sessions the most, as they bring back pleasant memories and he enjoys singing. Reading the lyrics from the TV screen and singing along to the music helps coordinate his senses of sight, hearing and vocalising. There is marked improvement in his attention span after just three months of attending CareLibrary sessions.”

Irene Chua

Wife of a CareLibrary participant


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Director of Programmes: Ms Han Huey Charn
Contact no: 9385 8277