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Be a sponsor of CCSS by fulfilling the wish lists of our programmes and beneficiaries. Items in the wish list include covering the cost of activities that are carried out in our various programmes, and sponsoring basic needs of beneficiaries.

d’Klub programme

d’Klub is a programme provided free-of-charge for 140 children from disadvantaged families. The programme relies on sponsorships and donations to continually serve these children on a weekly basis.


– d’Klub material costs for 1 year – $7,500
– d’Klub events – $22,500
– Bi-annual d’Klub learning journeys – $9,500


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CareHut student care centres

CareHut is a school-based student care centre which caters mainly to children from low-income and/or single-parent families. Donations and sponsorships from the public enable CCSS to subsidize CareHut fees for children who require our service but are unable to afford the full student care fees.


– Weekday lunch & refreshments for needy children in CareHut – $240,000


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Youth Services

CCSS’s youth programmes run school-based and community-based programmes for children and youth between the age of 11 to 17 years old.



A community-based outreach programme that seeks to meaningfully engage youths aged 11 to 17 years old through the sport of basketball. Group work sessions are incorporated in the trainings, to inculcate character values and empower them with life skills.


Hearty Time
A community-based programme that seeks to strengthen food security awareness among youths from low-income backgrounds, by providing and guiding them to seek out nutritious food in their neighbourhoods, instilling knowledge on healthy eating and cooking demonstrations.


School-based Group Work
A CCSS initiative to engage at-risk youths in primary and secondary schools through a combination of engagement approaches. These include interactive games and activities as well as stimulating group discussions.


-Basketball court and training equipment for 32 sessions (64 hours) for 16 youths – $2,560


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CareElderly Seniors Activity Centre

Our SACs aim to help them age confidently and actively, empowering them with a renewed sense of purpose to become channels of support in the community.


– Provides 50 seniors with 10 sessions (including instruments) – $2,000


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Our cognitive wellness programme is methodologically designed for seniors with or at risk of cognitive impairment and dementia. Through empowering participants with meaningful cognitive engagement to improve positive emotions, we hope to create a place where their hearts and minds come alive!


– Enhancing of resources to support seniors with or at risk of dementia through centre renovations and additional resources to aid clients – $200


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Support children affected by Covid-19

Children are often silently impacted during the Covid-19 pandemic, and they too require attention and care for their psychological, emotional, and mental health.

Besides adapting and living with the pandemic, we want to continue to empower students to transition and thrive this 2022.


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Sponsorship FAQs

By Cheque Make a cheque donation payable to “CCSS”, indicate the name of the wish you want to sponsor and mail it to:


Care Community Services Society
103 Lavender Street,
#01-02, CarePoint
Singapore 338725

By Credit Card/eNETS Click on the links above for the corresponding wishes you want to sponsor
By purchasing the requested item This option is only applicable for specific items such as household appliances or basic essential items.


Simply get in touch with us before purchasing the items and delivering it to:

Care Community Services Society
103 Lavender Street,
#01-02, CarePoint
Singapore 338725

CCSS only processes tax exemptions for cash sponsorships. Please provide your name, NRIC number and contact details for tax exemption purposes.


Sponsored items that have been purchased by the sponsor are not eligible for tax exemption.

All cash donations will enjoy 2.5 times tax deduction. More details

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