Vision & Mission


Care Community Services Society is called to serve the community and to influence and equip individuals and families for empowered living through all generations.



Service Posture

We see a team of staff and volunteers with a true sense of calling and a heart of genuine compassion, dedicated to selfless service and seeking to make a difference by reaching out to and serving people in need within the community.

Strategic Positioning

We see CCSS as an organisation able to continually contribute to the community by being relevant to changing needs and challenges faced by different generations; spearheading and developing model programmes and services that can be replicated and implemented in various settings for the benefit of society.

Active Partnerships

We see a vibrant network of partnerships with individuals, organisations, other agencies and government bodies strategically coming together; actively engaged in matching the needs in the community with the unique blend of strengths and influence, and seeking to contribute to the quality of life of families and to make an impact in the community.

Empowered People

We see a restored community of individuals and families, transformed and empowered with a renewed sense of purpose, living in wholeness to reach their fullest potential and to become channels of contribution and support for the needs of others in the larger community.