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Meet the

Counselling Team

Andrew Chern

Andrew is a counsellor with a wealth of experience and qualifications. He has a Master of Counselling from Monash University and is a Provisional Clinical Member of the Singapore Association of Counselling SAC.


Additionally, he is a Master Practitioner (Level 3) with the Association of Psychotherapists and Counsellors Singapore.


Throughout his career, Andrew has worked with students, corporate staff, ex-offenders, inmates, and couples. He is known for his empathetic and non-judgemental approach to counselling, creating a safe space for his clients to explore their thoughts and feelings.

Chan Soon Onn

Soon Onn is a dedicated
counsellor that holds a Specialist Diploma in Counselling from Nanyang Polytechnic, as well as being a Registered Social Worker with the Singapore Association of Social Workers.


He is also a Certified Substance Abuse Therapist through the Asia Pacific Certification Board and has obtained a WSQ Advanced Certificate in Learning & Performance.


Known for his compassionate and impartial approach to counselling,

Soon Onn’s extensive counselling experience includes working with students, corporate staff, ex-offenders, inmates, and couples.



*Details of sessions are kept strictly confidential between client and CCSS (except when there is indication that personal safety or that of others is compromised)

School-Referred Counselling

Supports children and youth with mental and emotional needs and with adjustment to school environment

  • School professionals who are interested in referring cases may request for a face-to-face consultation with our Counselling Team.
  • We offer customised proposals for schools committed to see improvements in the wellbeing of their students.

Centre-Based Counselling

For individuals and families seeking support to deal with addictions, behavioural, emotional, and workplace challenges.

  • Engage in discussions with a Counsellor who will attentively address your concerns and provide supportive and unbiased feedback.
  • Sessions are conducted onsite or online.

Corporate Counselling

We support organisations in addressing staff’s issues that affect their productivity and health. Sessions can be held onsite at the workplace or online.



Benefits of Corporate Counselling

  • Provide safe outlet for staff to talk through issues that affect them
  • Increases productivity as staff’s personal issues are being addressed

The body achieves what the mind believes!

Through talks and workshops, CareCounselling assists you in meeting the needs of your organisation’s well-being with the following areas of focus:

  • Improve staff socio-emotional wellness by identifying stressors that impair productivity and teaching positive life skills to deal with the pressure.
  • Increase staff confidence in overcoming obstacles by identifying the many resources and networks available to assist them.

Talk and Workshop Topics

Stress Busters!

Building self-awareness How to deal with stress effectively Habits that support you to be resilient in meeting work-life demands

Supporting your team through Change & Stress

Signs and causes of staff burnout Skills useful for managing staff with mental health issues


*for supervisors/managers

Self-Care at the Workplace

Tips to help develop and maintain a strong self-care mindset Good practices/tips to promote one’s well-being

Developing Emotional Literacy

How negative feelings affect communication Strategies on achieving positive communication & healthy conflict resolution

Successfully Managing Change

The issue of change and its impact on different individuals Useful perspectives to take in managing change

For more information on our packages, please contact us at ccsscounsellingservices@ccsscares.sg
(we are pleased to customise the talks to your specific needs)

Frequently Asked


About Our Services

What are the different services offered?

CCSS offers a variety of counselling and wellness-related services that are geared towards strengthening the emotional and mental wellness factor of our clients. They include:

  1. 30-minute Listening Space session
  2. 1-hour Counselling session
  3. Personality Profiling consultation
  4. Talks and Workshops

About Listening Space sessions

What is Listening Space?

Listening Space  is specially designed for busy working professionals who can set aside limited time to talk about issues affecting them without feeling judged or needing professional therapy. It is also for individuals who would like to receive brief inputs or perspectives on a specific issue or concern, from a care professional. The uniqueness of Listening Space is that agenda is much directed by the need of the individual coming forward, in a 30-minute session.

What is the difference between Listening Space and a counselling session?

Both Listening Space and counselling session are facilitated by our team of professionally trained counsellors; there is a high degree of confidentiality and professional support provided in both sessions.

Listening Space provides an outlet for individuals to talk through their emotions and thoughts, and to receive validation, brief feedback and/or inputs within a span of 30-minute. Counselling session allows  the counsellor to process through underlying issues or perspectives which may influence the current situation, and to explore a different perspective or set of solutions for the issues being discussed.

Is online option available for Listening Space?

Yes! In fact, both online and face-to-face options are available for Listening Space.

What are the benefits of a 30-min Listening Space session?

In a busy society such as Singapore, it is important to set aside time and create space  to talk through one’s feelings and situations. At the same time, speaking to a care professional allows for one to experience empathy, which is a valued quality of being heard and understood where the listener identifies with the feelings of another.

When is Listening Space not deemed to be suitable?

Listening Space might not be suitable in these situations:

  • A couple or family that is seeking support
  • Clients who have mental health concerns or diagnosed conditions
  • Individuals who face chronic (or long term) issues and may require more in-depth intervention or therapy
  • There are multiple issues to be discussed (in this case, please consider our counselling services)

For other situations, our counselling team staff will provide a recommendation on whether a Listening Space session is recommended, during the intake call upon gathering the relevant background information.

How do I book a Listening Space session?

  • Call or email CCSS, and provide personal contact details
  • Request for Listening Space
  • Our counselling team staff will reach out to you within 2 working days to conduct an intake and arrange for the first session!

How often can I have Listening Space sessions?

There are no limits to the number of sessions one can request for.

How do I know if Listening Space sessions are working for me

You should feel safe enough to be able to articulate your thoughts about the situations that you want to share.

You should be able to conclude after the session, that you have been listened to and validated by the counsellor for the information that has been shared.

Finally, you may also receive some initial opinion or feedback from your counsellor.

FAQ about Counselling sessions

Why counselling?

Life presents a variety of challenges and problems, and at times this can cause psychological distress and confusion. During these times, it is helpful to talk to a neutral and professionally-trained individual.


A counsellor can help you to explore the issues, understand the problem with clarity  and consider all available options, before you finally take the most appropriate course of action. Counsellors are trained to provide a safe environment for you to talk in confidence.


Consider seeing a counsellor if you face an extended period of challenging situations, or if you find it difficult to cope emotionally or mentally in any given situation.

What are some topics I can discuss with a counsellor?

Common issues addressed in counselling include but are not limited to:

  • Addiction
  • Career development
  • Depression
  • Grief
  • Marital issues
  • Parenting
  • Relationships with others
  • Stress or anxiety
  • Traumatic events/incident

Does seeing a counsellor mean I have a mental health issue?

Definitely not! Counselling does not mean that you have a mental health issue. In fact, many individuals see a counsellor at some point in their lives for help with unexpected situations that crop up.

What happens in counselling sessions?

During the session, the counsellor will ask questions and encourage you to talk about what might be troubling you. Counselling is not just about giving advice but also about helping you to discover new perspectives  to understand your situation. It is an opportunity for you to talk through issues and for the counsellor to listen and respond in a helpful and non-judgmental manner.

Is counselling confidential?

Yes. CCSS’s counsellors adhere to strict guidelines on confidentiality as set by the Singapore Association for Counselling.


If the counsellor assesses that it is helpful to disclose certain information to other people you know for the purpose of aiding the counselling process, he/she will always first discuss with you and seek your consent.


There are only a few exceptional cases where confidentiality of client’s information is not adhered to. These could include situations where: 

  • There is a clear threat or danger to the safety of the client
  • There is a clear threat or danger to the safety of others
  • There is a legal obligation or Court Order to disclose certain information

Can I see a counsellor of my own gender?

CCSS’s counselling team consists of both male and female counsellors. They are experienced in counselling both male and female clients facing a diverse range of issues, so you can be assured that they will be sensitive and caring towards your situation.


If you are more comfortable with a counsellor of your own gender, please indicate your preference when you call/email us to make an appointment   We will try to accommodate your preference, however this is subject to the availability of our counsellors.

What is the mode of counselling sessions?

In CCSS, we provide client-centric services according to your needs and feedback.


Depending on the client’s request, counselling sessions can be either face-to-face at our office premises, or online via Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

Online sessions provide the flexibility and convenience for clients to attend counselling anywhere. With greater access to technology, online counselling has become a preferred option for clients.


*Names of Counsellees are hidden to protect the identities of our clients

``The counselling session was a pleasant surprise. Despite my previous counselling experiences in school, I had low expectations. However, the CCSS counsellor was welcoming and created a safe environment. I learned that my problems are valued and that I deserve to be heard.”

17 year old, student 

“The counselling sessions help me explore different aspects of the matter I'm facing. My counsellor discusses previous sessions, potential scenarios, plans, and alternative viewpoints. It's reassuring to realize I'm well prepared for many possibilities. And for areas where I'm less prepared, I can reflect on them.``

40 year old, working professional

``In 2021, CCSS partnered with Workforce Singapore for a pilot initiative, delivering two workshops: 'Getting Your Family Through Change & Stress' in August 2021 and 'Managing Change' in November 2021. CCSS displayed professionalism, clarifying objectives and understanding participant profiles before proposing well-thought-out workshops. Their knowledgeable team confidently facilitated the workshops, effectively addressing concerns and maximizing participant benefits. We appreciate CCSS's strong partnership and anticipate future collaborations.”

Sherri Koh


Assistant Director, Bounce Back Lab, Careers Connect Division Workforce Singapore (WSG)