Success Stories

Every one of these are true stories of CCSS beneficiaries.

A Love That Transcends Boundaries

Mark had just become a father to an adorable boy when he was brought in to the Drug Rehabilitation Centre (DRC). This wasn’t the first time Mark had served time in DRC.

Second Chances

“Useless! Hopeless! Good for nothing!” This was all Adam* could think of whenever he looked at himself. Things looked terribly bleak and nothing close to positive less than a year ago when I first met Adam at the Drug Rehabilitation Centre (DRC) of the Singapore Prison Service.

CCSS made my day!

Mdm N, in her mid-30s, has 4 children of her own. Her husband has just been sentenced to 10 years in prison for drug abuse. To add to her already heavy burden, Mdm N’s brother is also a drug addict and has disappeared, leaving his 2 children to her care. Managing a brood of 6 school-going children, and putting food on the table for all of them, is no easy feat. In fact, the children cycle 20 minutes to school and only the eldest child has pocket money for recess. We were glad that we made their day.

Partnership Enriches, Enables and Empowers

Care Community Services Society (CCSS) shares how three different groups of people worked with CCSS in 2014 to bless the community.

The Incidental Volunteer

With butterflies in his stomach, Alvin waited for the moment when the children in ZhongHua CareHut would wake from their nap. It would be their first encounter with each other. On his way there, he entertained thoughts of abandoning this volunteering opportunity altogether and going back to the familiarity of his everyday routine – work, home, and playing computer games. But the ‘mundanity’ of it all repulsed him, and he stepped into ZhongHua CareHut determined to make the most of his holiday.

CareHut: A Small Hut that makes a Big Difference!

A boy so hungry, he ate a dead fish from the school aquarium. A girl so neglected, she was too weak to go to school. An eight-year-old girl nearly molested while walking home on her own.Stories of children in a Third World country? Unfortunately, these are real-life happenings in Singapore. These are children whom CCSS aims to help through CareHuts, its after-school student care programme.

Empowered Lives

Here are true life stories of children who have been empowered through Care Community Services Society’s d’Klub Mentoring Programme.

Budding Bookworms

Thanks to Deutsche Bank’s education sponsorship, the children from Eunos CareHut have been on a Reading Assistant Programme for the past 2 years. Since embarking on this programme in 2010, we have seen great improvements in their reading ability and a growing interest in books. The Reading Assistant Programme is a computer-aided reading programme that helps readers in their accuracy and speed when reading.

All Cut Up

I’ve been cutting myself for nearly two years now. Nope, my parents do not know about it. Even if they knew, I don’t think they’ll care. My friends? Yeah, they know, the close ones. In fact, whenever one of us feels down, the rest of us will show our support by cutting ourselves together. My parents never told me not to hurt myself. How can they? They have been hurting me all my life. I’m convinced they hate me. I don’t know why they would want to give birth to me in the first place.