CarePrison aims to inspire hope and empower clients to make lasting, positive changes through reintegration and rehabilitation services. CarePrison supports inmates in their journey to reintegrate into society and break out of destructive behaviour patterns. We also give support to families of the incarcerated to develop resilience and overcome their challenges in the absence of a loved one.

CarePrison staff are trained in disciplines such as Social Work, Psychology and Counselling and some are accredited Certified Substance Abuse Therapists.

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A programme to brighten the lives of families by focusing on employment and skills upgrading, strengthening family ties and relationships within the community.


  • Guide and empower families-at-risk through the process of tapping on relevant community resources.
  • Improve employability of adult family members
  • Encourage good savings habits
  • Strengthen family relationships

Programme Features

  • Regular home visits by professional Caseworkers
  • Career guidance and advice
  • Support for WSQ and other vocational courses
  • Financial counselling and budgeting support
  • Workshops for parents/caregivers and children
  • Family bonding activities

Eligibility Criteria

  • Families of incarcerated members referred by grassroots organization under Yellow Ribbon Community Project
  • Ex-offenders referred to CCSS
  • Low income families receiving assistance from CCSS services

Case Management Services

Yellow Ribbon Fund-STAR Bursary

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Yellow Ribbon Fund-STAR Bursary


  • Increase STAR bursary holders’ motivation to complete their education and be gainfully employed upon completion of tertiary education.


Through a collaborative and strengths-based case management approach, we motivate and empower our clients to pursue their tertiary education, and confidently manage the challenges that arise along the course of their education. This is a programme funded by the Yellow Ribbon Fund.


“As a case manager, my role involves helping my clients regain their sense of self-worth, and rebuild the relationships with their families and community. I enjoy walking closely with these clients that I serve, and see them achieve the goals they want for their lives after release from prison”

Mr Andrew Chern

Case Worker

“My CCSS caseworker helped me to resolve my problem with my mother so I could return home to my family before my release. He also connected me to the relevant agencies for financial, medical equipment for my father, and housing assistance. And he constantly encouraged me not to give up on life when times are hard. I will not let him down and go back to my old ways again.”


*Name has been changed to protect the identity