CarePrison runs programmes for offenders, ex-offenders and their family members to support the rehabilitation and reintegration of our clients. We believe that every person with in-prison experience has the potential and power to attain positive and lasting change. To implement these programmes, we work closely with Singapore Prison Service and Yellow Ribbon Singapore, and other like-minded community partners.

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Drug Abuse Intervention Programme for Younger Offenders

(contracted by Singapore Prison Service)

A groupwork programme within the Reformative Training Centre (RTC) that reaches out to younger offenders with drug issues.


Through a series of carefully designed sessions, the focus of the intervention is on equipping our young persons with knowledge about drugs and addiction, and developing life skills to manage unhelpful behaviours and attitudes towards drugs and to pursue meaningful life goals.

Throughcare Management Services for Elderly Offenders

(contracted by Singapore Prison Service)

A project under Singapore Prison Service to support the reintegration of elderly offenders, and to empower them to age in place in their community.


This programme comprises both groupwork in prison, counselling, and case management to prepare the offenders for release, and to support them through their release back into the community.

Yellow Ribbon Community Project

A project in partnership with grassroots organisations, to identify and support families-in-need as a result of a family member or relative who has been incarcerated.


Our caseworkers provide both immediate and ongoing professional intervention, through calls and visits to guide these families through the changes and challenges brought about by the incarceration experience.


“As a case manager, my role involves helping my clients regain their sense of self-worth, and rebuild the relationships with their families and community. I enjoy walking closely with these clients that I serve, and see them achieve the goals they want for their lives after release from prison”

Mr Andrew Chern

Case Worker

“My CCSS caseworker helped me to resolve my problem with my mother so I could return home to my family before my release. He also connected me to the relevant agencies for financial, medical equipment for my father, and housing assistance. And he constantly encouraged me not to give up on life when times are hard. I will not let him down and go back to my old ways again.”


*Name has been changed to protect the identity