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Care Community Services Society is the appointed operator of SG Cares Volunteer Centre @ Geylang since November 2020.

We are responsible for growing and coordinating volunteer supply, building volunteer management capabilities, and brokering partnerships between demand and supply to strengthen the town’s effectiveness in meeting community needs.

All efforts as an SG Cares VC go towards supporting the SG Cares Movement, championed by the SG Cares Office and co-led by the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre and the National Council of Social Service, to build a more caring and inclusive home for all.

Who We Serve – Geylang Town

Operating Boundary

Common Needs

What We Do

1. Grow and Coordinate Volunteer Supply

  • Organised over ten networking sessions for over 55 social service agencies (SSAs) in Geylang town to identify needs related to volunteerism & in-kind donations
  • Piloted the Values-in-Action (VIA) networking session to guide Geylang town schools in their VIA planning
  • Engaged over 650 volunteers, with more than 200 being regular volunteers
  • Recruitment of volunteers through SG Cares VC @ Geylang’s account and partnership with corporates, educational institutions, and National intermediaries (for e.g. RSVP Singapore)

2. Build Volunteer Management

  • Launched the bi-yearly Geylang town newsletter to share the happenings in Geylang town
  • Engaged almost 100 volunteer leaders
  • Organised three town-level trainings for youth volunteers with Heartware Network
  • Developed volunteer handbook and quarterly training pack as a resource guide

3. Broker Partnerships between Supply and Demand

  • Channelled in-kind donations such as Gojek vouchers, curry bombs, masks, hand sanitisers, refurbished laptops to over 20 SSAs in Geylang town
  • Supported over 1,300 vulnerable residents in Geylang town through volunteering opportunities or channelling of in-kind donations

Key Achievements

More than 80 Community Partners engaged

Partners come from various sectors such as Children and Youth, Seniors and
Persons with Disability

More than 60 Brokered Partnerships

Partnerships range from volunteerism, Donations-In-Kind(DIKs) and trainings

More than 2,600 Volunteers Engaged

2,613 Volunteers
(1 in 5 are regular volunteers)
Engaged 5,948 beneficiaries


“We are thankful to the support provided by SG Cares VC @ Geylang in various initiatives.
The Gojek vouchers have been a tremendous help to our seniors in their transport costs, with comfortable rides to & from medical institutions.
By connecting us with volunteer groups, our seniors also have medical escorts to accompany them for their appointments.
We look forward to creating more impact on the community through our collective efforts.”

Josephine Lim

Volunteer Manager
Sathya Sai Social Service
(Community partner of SG Cares VC @ Geylang)

“SG Cares VC @ Geylang has connected us with different volunteer organisations for our befriending programmes, amongst other support.
They also provide Gojek Vouchers periodically which we use to bring our seniors for their medical appointments.
We look forward to continued collaborations to make brighter and happier enriched lives in the seniors' golden years.”

Damian Wong

Volunteer Executive
THK Cluster Support @ Geylang
(Community partner of SG Cares VC @ Geylang)

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