raise a can of love


Do I need to pay to create my virtual can?

No, creating a virtual can is free! 

Do I need to create an account on Giving.sg before donating?

Yes, all donors need to create an account on Giving.sg before they are able to donate.

When do I start my campaign?

You can start it any time from 27/08/22! The campaign must end by 26/09/22, (2359).

What do I do after my campaign has been approved?

Share the link with your family and friends. Encourage them to donate and adopt a virtual can.

Can I edit my campaign after it has been approved?

Yes, you can edit your campaign story, fundraising goal and media gallery.

Which donations are eligible to receive a tax-deductible receipt?

Donations of SGD10 and above are eligible for 250% tax-deductible benefits. If you require tax exemption, please contact Joshua at joshuacheong@ccsscares.sg.

Where will the funds raised go?

All funds raised will support CCSS programmes and services. Your efforts will equip our beneficiaries (children, youth, seniors, ex-offenders and their families, older persons with or at risk of dementia and other persons in need) with skills and resources to be self-sustainable and lead empowered lives.

Is my donation refundable?

All donations made are non-refundable. As a non-profit organisation, CCSS relies largely on donations for our programmes and services that serve over 1,000 beneficiaries.

CCSS is unable to make refunds because the donation may have already been used to meet the needs of our beneficiaries. However, if you suspect fraudulent/unauthorised use of your card, please contact your card provider immediately.

We appreciate your generosity and thank you for your understanding.

I have some enquiries about the event that are not listed here, who can I check with?

For any other enquiries, you may email ccsscpt@ccsscares.sg

For any enquiries on raise a can of love, please contact ccsscpt@ccsscares.sg.