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Jean Lui at 6950 7507

Project Thrive is a counselling and social work initiative specifically to help at-risk students transition well into structured caregiving services provided in CCSS’ CareHut Student Care Centres (SCCs).

Using a holistic approach, Project Thrive aims to work closely with counsellors, social workers, school leaders, families and student care teachers to provide relevant interventions to support to an increasing population of children with at-risk profiles that are enrolled in SCCs.


  • Students adapt to the structured caregiving routines in SCCs
  • Students grow in resilience and reduce behavioural issues
  • Students are equipped with social-emotional competencies to overcome their challenges
  • Students are empowered with skillsets to manage life’s challenges faced
  • Parents are engaged and involved in the development of their children

Programme Features

  • Individual counselling sessions
  • Life skills group workshops

Eligibility Criteria

Children enrolled in CCSS’s CareHut school-based student care centres who are under the Student Care Financial Assistance scheme (SCFA).